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How to Earn $400 dollars a Month on Seekyt
Published By blogger on 2013-05-01 512 Views

Content sharing sites are great and there are really only a few that actually pay consistent money to its writers. For example Expertscolumn is a top rated writing site that pays really well, then you have Triond that also has successful writers who contribute content everyday.

I found another site that is kind of interesting because they accept tutorials and reviews. All you need is an adsense account to sign up and you can earn from promoting Amazon products or if you do not have adsense you can add your Chitika id code instead.

Plenty of writers post on a daily basis and are finding success with regular monthly earnings, one of those persons goes by the name of dainthedude, he is a great writer who started out on a site called infobarrel and now writes for a site called Seekyt. On a new lens from Squidoo he talks about how he is earning $400 dollars a month from his 100 articles which I think is really fantastic.

I think it is a great idea to have lots of places that you earn money online, you can write for 5 or more content sharing sites and each of them can pay you into your paypal account. It is a good way to pay off bills or use the money for savings. I think individuals who work a full time or part-time job can benefit from residual passive income from writing articles.

Even college students can use the money to pay for books or class tuition. I am encouraged when I read that other people are making a living on the internet from writing articles because I want to do the same thing. So if you want to learn more about Seekyt and the types of earnings you can make then you will want to read the article written by daintthedude. The link is at the bottom of the article.

Seekyt is a small writing site with a few really good writers and a growing community, so if you are looking for another place to add to your income than check it out to see if it is something that will work for you. Many of you probably already write for mylot, hubpages, wizzley, zujava, expertspages, bubblews, firehow, wikinut, and bukisa. Now you have one more to add to your list.

Don't forget to use the free blog sites to write your articles on too, such as blogger, webs, weebly and wordpress, because if you find a niche that is successful on a free writing site tnen it may be something you can expand on further.

Happy Writing.

dainthedude on squidoo.

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